Homing Instinct

Homing_Instinct_long_view01This 13′ installation at the Rose Netzorg and James Wilfrid Kerr Permanent Collection Gallery at the Richmond College of Visual Art at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, is the longest suspension I’ve ever created. It contains a wide variety of media including found metals and wire (mostly copper and steel), wood, glass, polymer clay, and of course encaustigraphs. The upper portion gently touches a small tree form hung with a dozen or more small, fanciful inventions, using many of the same materials. The tree sits in a box filled with Lake Michigan sand and small creations waiting to be discovered, along with a tiny house with an open door.

My statement reads:
My small backyard growing up was a wonderland of plants and colors and smells and things to be discovered. Now my feeling of joyful discovery extends to the entire Earth as my backyard—my Home. The wonder of how we and All That Is came to be from the explosions of stars makes me feel very young. I marvel at the force of gravity that brought and has kept me here—at this place and time, this Now.

WMUK-FM aired a short piece featuring an interview with show organizer Mindi Bagnall and me. It explains Mindi’s inspiration for the show and describes some of the works in the gallery.